The Winning Team of the Spring Term is the Genome Generators

This term’s winning team in Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life is…

🥇 The Genome Generators – “Specialists in DNA Extraction and Sequencing”

The team brings the genomes into the lab, extract them, prepare them for sequencing, then make sure they’re safely transferred to the sequencing team for the big event!

Over the Spring Term, the Genome Generators have received the most votes from the students!

🎉 Congratulations to the whole team! 🥳

The Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life trophy will be on its way to you soon! 🏆✨

Graeme Oatley

Liz Cook 

Jonathan Threlfall

Luke Lythgoe

Students get a new vote every term, so…

Who do you think should win the Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life trophy?

There is plenty of things to do in Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life over the holidays!

Look through the experts’ profiles.

Use Ask to send them your questions, then Vote for your favourite!

Choose wisely and don’t forget to fill in Quiz 5 for your chance to win a £20 voucher!

ModHannah and the Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life team

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