Live Chat information

Why accept Chats?

Accepting a Chat booking lets students know you’ll be in their Chat. They’ll read your profile to prepare questions. The more chats you accept, the more times your profile is seen – and the more votes you’ll get!


Why can’t I accept more Chats?

There is a limit to the number of upcoming Chat bookings you can accept. When you’ve reached this limit, you won’t be able to accept any more. Don’t worry! Take part in some Chats, then come back to accept some more.


Why has a Chat disappeared from New Chat Bookings?

Once enough people accept a Chat, it will no longer show in the New Chat Bookings list. This is so you can prioritise Chats with a lower number of sign ups. However, you can still go along to it. You can find all upcoming Chats in the full Chat list.


Why has a Chat disappeared from Accepted Chat Bookings?

If you have accepted a Chat and it has subsequently disappeared from your Accepted Chat Bookings list, it means the Chat has been cancelled by the class teacher. There might be a number of reasons why they have done this. They will be able to rebook at another time.


What is a special request?

A special request is where teachers have asked for something in particular, but everyone is welcome.