Students Quiz 3

🤔 Rules:

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2. Only fill out the quiz once.
3. Have fun!



#1. At what temperature are the Invertebrate Investigators’ samples at the Natural History Museum frozen at in these Liquid Nitrogen tanks?

#2. What do the woodland wonders use to 'snap-freeze' their specimens so that the DNA is preserved?

#3. What machine is this the inside of ?

#4. Which of the Genome Generators flies gliders (unpowered airplanes) in their spare time?

#5. This building is part of which museum?

#6. Max Coleman from the Plant Power team works at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh and tries to make the world of plants and fungi inspiring and engaging for everyone. He says that how you communicate to people is only really limited by what?

#7. Dr Elena Arrigoni of the Plant and Fungal explorers team is currently studying fungi that grow on what?

#8. Which of these does scientist and poet, Peter Bickerton, who is in charge of public engagement for the Perfect Protists, say he has dressed up as for the Norwich Science Festival? (Tick all that apply)

Select all that apply:

#9. Homebox genes are a set of genes that produce proteins that are essential for what in most animals?

#10. These images show Eulalia clavigera and Spirobranchus lamarcki. These are two examples of what type of animal that Patrick Adkins researches?


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