Students Quiz 4

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2. Only fill out the quiz once.
3. Have fun!

#1. There is a LOT of information stored in our DNA so researchers like the Code Crackers require a lot of computer power to analyse it!

How many computers are in this cluster the Code Crackers use to do their research?

#2. In June 2021, the Genome Generators were checking that there is enough of each sample left to be processed.

How much of a sample do the team require to allow for a single extraction of DNA?

#3. 🌍🧳 Where did the Invertebrate Investigators head in summer 2021 to look new invertebrates for their research?

#4. ✍📰In May 2021, the researchers in one of the teams were busy being featured in two articles! (We’d recommend giving these a read)!

Which of the following were titles of these articles?

Select all that apply:

#5. By what process does Sahr from the Plant and Fungal Explorers estimate the size of the genomes of the plants? 🤔🧬

#6. 📺 Which 2 DToL researchers appeared in session 4 of the Genomics Lite webinar series to discuss careers and routes into the biodiversity and evolution fields?

Select all that apply:

#7. This is the Marine Biological Association where Associate Professor in Marine Microbiology, Michael, works on protists and fungi.

Where is it located?

#8. In June 2021, the Woodland Wonderers completed the full genome sequencing of species number 1000! 🥳 What is the name of this insect?

#9. … and what do they say is the likely reason that these insects are not usually seen?

#10. Research Associate Chiara of the Code Crackers is interested in how genes produce certain features and traits in different species.

For example, she’s helped clarify the genetic origin of which of these traits in birds?




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