Surfing the net for fish sustainability! 🐟🦈

We walk, sit and read books by it but how much do we actually know about our seas and the creatures that live in them? 🌊🔍

Luke Lythgoe has been reporting about his colleagues who are building genomic notes and tracers to provide a more detailed picture of what happens in the deep blue of our seas.  Why is this important?  Well, such research and insight provides the tools to better aid conservation efforts.

A key species is the Atlantic horse mackeral (Trachurus trachurus).  Once widespread in seas around Europe and Africa, it is now classified as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List – this document, formed of seven categories, assesses the conservation status of species at a global level.  Why so vulnerable?  Much of its decline is traced to overfishing as it is caught in huge numbers and used in everything from sushi to fish meal.

The future of the Atlantic horse mackeral, along with many other marine species, is dependent on the researchers untangling the net around their lifecycle.  Because the more we know, the more we can protect!

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