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Today at 7 pm: Let’s talk about biodiversity!

⏰ The first monthly Chat for all students is on this evening, 7pm to 8pm ⏰ The topic of today’s Chat is: ⭐ Preserving biodiversity through Genomics ⭐ We’ll be joined by Chiara Bortoluzzi who, as a graduate student, analysed the DNA of domesticated bird species to find changes that, in the long-term, could drive these species to extinction. Chiara’s role as a conservation biologist on the Darwin Tree of Life project involves, using DNA as a tool to inform conservation programmes of endangered species! If you need to: set a new password now with this email address Log in at 7 pm: Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life Click on the Chat button Find out more about how the experts are using genomics to help preserve UK biodiversity!

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🧬 That’s a wrap! Catch up on the full series of Genomics Lite webinars

That’s it for the Genomics Lite: Biodiversity & Evolution sessions! This June and July, Genomics Lite and the people involved in the Darwin Tree of Life project have given us all a great insight into genomics, biodiversity, and evolution. Throughout the series, the teams have: Looked at how genomics can aid our understanding of biodiversity and evolution. Discussed and compared methods and challenges in sequencing the genomes of old and new samples. Examined how humans have affected the evolution of malaria and mosquitos. Explored different careers and routes into the biodiversity and evolution fields. Even though the series has finished, you can continue learning with the Genomic Lite resources: Discover how scientists have been able to better understand the history of human evolution and whether humans are still evolving by studying the human genome. Find out more about different types of evolution and what natural selection in action looks like. … Continue reading

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The Winning Team of the Summer Term is the Code Crackers!

This term’s winning team in Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life is… 🥇 The Code Crackers, who write and use computer code to understand DNA code! 🧬👨‍💻 Over the Summer Term, the Code Crackers have received the most votes from the students! 🎉 Congratulations to the whole team! 🥳 The Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life trophy is on its way to you! 🏆✨ Sujai Kumar Kerstin Howe Lewis Stevens Marcela Uliano-Silva Jack Monaghan Chiara Bortoluzzi Students get a new vote every term, so… Who do you think should win Autumn term? Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life is taking a break from Thursday 15 July. We’ll be back on Monday 6 September after the Summer Holidays! Head to Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life. Look through the teams’ and scientists’ profiles. Use Ask to send them your questions, then Vote for your favourite! Choose wisely and don’t forget to … Continue reading

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Tune in: The Genomics Lite webinars start tonight!

You’re invited to attend a series of live webinars this month, all about genomics, biodiversity, and the Darwin Tree of Life project! Each Thursday at 4.30pm, researchers from the Darwin Tree of Life project will explore a different field in biology on Genomics Lite. Go beyond Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life; put your questions to the experts and find out more about how genomics research contributes to understanding in the field. The first event is on Thursday 17 June, 4.30pm-5.30pm. Reserve your place ❯ In the first session, you can hear about cutting-edge research and put questions to Dr Marcela Uliano-Silva, a bioinformatician working at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. She’ll be exploring how studying and comparing organisms of different species gives us an insight into their evolution. This series runs each week until Thursday 8 July, with a new topic each week. See what future Genomics Lite talks will … Continue reading

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