Boost your UCAS application with the Darwin Tree of Life activity!

Welcome back to the Darwin Tree of Life activity.

To complete the activity you should:

  1. Get a deeper understanding of scientific procedures by following species through acquisition, sequencing and annotation.
  2. Gain an understanding about the role of a modern scientist by asking the teams about their research, the methods they use or career opportunities!
  3. Consolidate your understanding by taking the Quiz! Be in with a chance of winning a £10 voucher!
  4. Download your certificate to show your achievement.

Live Chat for all students

🌟 Attend the ‘Ask Me Anything’ Chat on the 28 June between 12pm and 1pm 🌟

This is your final opportunity to ask the scientists working on the Darwin Tree of Life a question about their work, the methods they use and what is next for the project.

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