• Question: Are you ready for Schools @ Darwin Tree of Life?

    Asked by modemily on 16 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Alexandra Davey

      Alexandra Davey answered on 16 Mar 2021:

      Looking forward to seeing what questions and insights the students will throw at us!

    • Photo: Max Coleman

      Max Coleman answered on 17 Mar 2021:

      Yes, I’m ready

    • Photo: Peter Holland

      Peter Holland answered on 17 Mar 2021:


    • Photo: Liz Cook

      Liz Cook answered on 18 Mar 2021:

      Yes, I’m looking forward to it!

    • Photo: Sam Rowe

      Sam Rowe answered on 23 Mar 2021:

      Really excited to be involved and looking forward to all the questions – should be a great way to hear about interesting research from all over the UK!

    • Photo: anon

      anon answered on 23 Mar 2021:

      Absolutely! I may even ask the other scientists a cheeky question or two… 😀