• Question: do you actually like worms or do you just pretend? (i am terrified of worms)

    Asked by anon-329627 to Patrick on 22 Jun 2022.
    • Photo: Patrick Adkins

      Patrick Adkins answered on 22 Jun 2022:

      I do really like worms yeah! they are so much more than earthworms. in the marine environment they take a really broad range of shapes and sizes. from the very elegant Sabella pavonia to the rally cute faces of the Phyllodoce worms. also some of them are really strange and alien, and what better chance will I have to observe and watch creatures that are that different from us! the weirder the better in my opinion!

      but there is certainly nothing to be afraid of with worms. they are really important species both on land and offshore. check out the S. pavonia and the Phyllodoce worms on google to see a slightly different side to worms!