• Question: What is your favourite thing about the squid?

    Asked by anon-330071 to Kes on 21 Jun 2022.
    • Photo: Kes Scott-Somme

      Kes Scott-Somme answered on 21 Jun 2022:

      Hi Hannah,

      I’m not sure if you mean squid in general, or the type of squid we caught. All squid are really cool, one of my favourite things about squid is how different they are to everything we think we know about animals! Squid are molluscs, which mean they are closely related to slugs and snails, they also don’t live very long, and don’t have the same brain structure we usually associate with smartness, but they’re super smart! They’re surprising, and they’re very beautiful – bobtail squid especially have symbiotic relationships with tiny bacteria, which help make their light organs work, they use light to confuse and distract predators- but they also make them amazingly beautiful.