• Question: If you had to live in one country for the rest of your life where would it be? and why?

    Asked by anon-301953 on 4 Nov 2021.
    • Photo: Peter Holland

      Peter Holland answered on 4 Nov 2021:

      Well I have to say this country (UK) don’t I? I have spent a lot of time in other countries – about a year in Japan and a year in USA, and long visits in France and Spain – plus short visits to many more (Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, India, China, etc etc etc) … and I like visiting them all. But the UK has good weather (I like mist, fog and rain), a language I can speak, and good footpaths (in many countries it is hard to get into the countryside because it is private – we have millions of footpaths here).

    • Photo: Jack Monaghan

      Jack Monaghan answered on 18 Nov 2021:

      My answer is the same as Peter’s. I’d have to say the UK because I like being close to my family and friends, and I enjoy our weather and countryside. But my second choices would either be Ireland or, if I was feeling adventurous, Norway. I’ve worked in Ireland, in a place called Galway on the West coast, and it was incredible – amazing countryside and very nice people. And I had a brilliant holiday in Norway, right up North in a place called Tromso, and the nature there was jaw dropping. We saw golden eagles and moose right from the door of our cabin, and the Northern Lights lit up the sky at night. A magical place, but I would miss my family if I lived there for the rest of my life and the freezing winters would be tough.

    • Photo: Sophie Potter

      Sophie Potter answered on 26 Nov 2021:

      Am I still allowed to travel? If travel is banned then the UK, too many of my friends and all my family are here. But (especially if a greener form of travel was developed), I’d love to move back to Canada- I really enjoyed the different seasons there (yes, including the really cold winters) and I also have a lot of friends there too.