• Question: What degree did you study at university and how long did it take?

    Asked by anon-329089 on 22 Jun 2022.
    • Photo: Jack Monaghan

      Jack Monaghan answered on 22 Jun 2022:

      Hi Milly,
      I studied a degree called Natural Sciences. It was a really good science course as it included lots of different areas of science in the first year (Physics, Maths, Geology, Chemistry) to give you a broad experience and a chance to choose the one that suited you best afterwards. The course was three years and I could have stayed for another year if I had wanted to. I left after three and went to work for about ten years, then went back to university to do a one-year masters course in Science Communication. I really enjoyed that course as it had lots of practical elements to it – making documentaries and writing articles. Everyone has a different path into the work they do – I know lots of our team members will have done PhDs so will have been at university for 7-8 years in total, but that’s not the only way into a science job and plenty of people go through different routes.