• Question: What are the further career opportunities after studying and researching?

    Asked by anon-330216 on 21 Jun 2022.
    • Photo: Kes Scott-Somme

      Kes Scott-Somme answered on 21 Jun 2022:

      It really depends what you are interested and what experience you manage to get. Academia can be quite hard to move up in, but there are lots of other areas where a science career is relevant, lots of people go into industry, or consultancy, or even fields like scicomms. Usually what kind of skills you have is what’s important, so it is best to think about what you like doing, and build up skills in that area. If you have a more specific field, then there may be some more tailored advice, but science is a really broad field, so you may want to talk to someone working in whatever area you are most interested in.