• Question: What got you into science?

    Asked by anon-305573 on 30 Nov 2021.
    • Photo: Kes Scott-Somme

      Kes Scott-Somme answered on 30 Nov 2021:

      Honestly I just kind of fell into it. I’m terrible at maths and I always thought science was just for super smart people. Long after I’d left school and was floating around doing various bits of work someone suggested I should go to uni to study something about nature and it all kind of clicked. I’ve always been really curious and fascinated by our planet and all the things that live here with us. I was never good at school because if I wasn’t interested in something the knowledge just wouldn’t stick. When I was allowed to just study what fascinated me it all got so much easier, and I found a path that would never get boring. Science is always changing and learning new things, so I can change and learn new things all the time too. I’ve been in the science world nearly 10 years now but I feel like I hardly know anything, there is always so much to learn and there is always something I can get excited about and interested in. Sometimes your friends and family can see what you like a lot better than you can!

    • Photo: Sam Rowe

      Sam Rowe answered on 3 Mar 2022:

      I think it’s always been a subject that fascinated me even from a young age, particularly through reading books about space and the solar system when I was in primary/middle school. I remember my head being filled with so many questions about the universe and what else was out there. However, it was biology and chemistry that really grabbed my attention (rather than physics) as I got older because I enjoyed the practical lab work and how logical the steps of the experiments were. Even when the work is hard I love science because I feel like I’m always learning!