• Question: what is your favourite thing about the tree life project?

    Asked by anon-296471 on 8 Nov 2021.
    • Photo: Liz Cook

      Liz Cook answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I love the fact that we are sequencing such interesting creatures! As I work in an office (not directly with the samples), if I have any spare time, I love searching for the species names on the internet and looking at all the amazing pictures of the things we sequence! I also love the fact that what we are working on is very easily explained to non-scientists – so much of science is very difficult to explain or understand without a specific science degree, but everyone knows what sorts of animals and plants we are sampling and sequencing!

    • Photo: Jack Monaghan

      Jack Monaghan answered on 18 Nov 2021:

      I like how ambitious the project is. Sequence Everything! We could have easily said that we’ll sequence 100 things, and that would still have been a big job, but instead we said we’ll do atleast 70,000! That’s amazing. Dream big.

    • Photo: Sophie Potter

      Sophie Potter answered on 26 Nov 2021:

      Is it mushy if I say the people? It’s definitely the people- I get to work with a whole crew of really enthusiastic and interesting people, who are so knowledgeable about the world. I find it really inspiring to be a part of the project. But also, I really enjoy that there are real conservation benefits to the work that we are doing- by looking at these genetic codes we may be able to help save species!

    • Photo: Sam Rowe

      Sam Rowe answered on 3 Mar 2022:

      I really love the people I get to work with and the new connections I’ve made. There’s so much great experience being brought together from all across the UK and I’m always learning new things about effective public engagement and how genomes are analysed.