• Question: what is your favourite thing about the tree life project?

    Asked by amy W to Jack M on 8 Nov 2021.
    • Photo: Liz Cook

      Liz Cook answered on 8 Nov 2021:

      I love the fact that we are sequencing such interesting creatures! As I work in an office (not directly with the samples), if I have any spare time, I love searching for the species names on the internet and looking at all the amazing pictures of the things we sequence! I also love the fact that what we are working on is very easily explained to non-scientists – so much of science is very difficult to explain or understand without a specific science degree, but everyone knows what sorts of animals and plants we are sampling and sequencing!

    • Photo: Jack Monaghan

      Jack Monaghan answered on 18 Nov 2021:

      I like how ambitious the project is. Sequence Everything! We could have easily said that we’ll sequence 100 things, and that would still have been a big job, but instead we said we’ll do atleast 70,000! That’s amazing. Dream big.

    • Photo: Sophie Potter

      Sophie Potter answered on 26 Nov 2021:

      Is it mushy if I say the people? It’s definitely the people- I get to work with a whole crew of really enthusiastic and interesting people, who are so knowledgeable about the world. I find it really inspiring to be a part of the project. But also, I really enjoy that there are real conservation benefits to the work that we are doing- by looking at these genetic codes we may be able to help save species!