• Question: do you work in a lab or go places

    Asked by HannahP on 30 Jun 2021.
    • Photo: Sam Rowe

      Sam Rowe answered on 30 Jun 2021:

      Luckily I get to do both! My job is mostly office based in Norwich (but currently working from home due to covid/pandemic) where I plan science education events, but as part of that I’ve been learning lots of new lab techniques so I can pass them on to school teachers/technicians, students and nature group members in the future. As for the travelling, that’s all on hold at the moment, but once it’s safe to do so I’m hoping to plan events on the Norfolk Broads and visit other people in the UK working on this project.

    • Photo: Sophie Potter

      Sophie Potter answered on 30 Jun 2021:

      I mostly work out of an office these days (in my spare room to be exact!) but have been known to do a bit of lab work to help out where needed. Our staff at Sanger are mostly either lab or computational workers, but I know a lot of the other organisations have people who spend a lot of time in the field (or even on boats!)

    • Photo: Liz Cook

      Liz Cook answered on 7 Jul 2021:

      I work in an office, I hung up my lab coat and gloves about 5 years ago! I wouldn’t have thought there were so many non-lab-based jobs in science when I was younger, but there are lots of things available, in terms of project management, co-ordination, scientific communication, computer work. Having a science background can definitely help with a lots of these jobs, so I’m glad I did spend time working in the lab first.