• Question: What does a conservation biologist do?

    Asked by anon-302454 on 7 Dec 2021.
    • Photo: Kes Scott-Somme

      Kes Scott-Somme answered on 7 Dec 2021:

      There are lots of things conservation biologists can do. Some work with a specific species, they could be working within a zoo, aquarium or other facility to breed up the species they are protecting and re-release it, or they could be protecting it in the wild or in some other way. Others could be working to protect whole ecosystems, like coral reefs or mangroves, or could be working to protect a local area, like Lundy Island. There are even more jobs within conservation biology! Some people work with people who own or work on the land to improve the ways we manage and care for our land, and some could be working on policy or in government, trying to change the laws to get more protection for animals, plants, habitats etc.

      If you’re interested in conservation biology its a good idea to start thinking about what things you like to do, would you like to work in a lab, outside, or on a computer? Do you like to write, or do you prefer talking to people, or do you prefer working directly with animals, cleaning and caring for them? Are you interested in research and finding out what the latest science is and doing experiments, or do you want to impact changes directly somehow. There are so many different types of job but all of them are aimed at trying to conserve our wildlife and our precious spaces, so think of what you like to do best and whatever that is will be helpful for our planet.